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Helpful Planting and Watering Tips

We want to help you have a successful gardening experience. Below are a few tips that we have found to be very helpful in keeping your plants happy and healthy.

As a general rule, most plants should be transplanted no deeper than the soil in which they were originally grown.


Ideally the width of the hole should be at least 2 times the diameter of the root ball or container or the spread of the roots in the case of bare root trees. This will provide the plant with enough worked earth for its root structure to establish itself.


When digging in poorly drained clay soil, it is important to avoid ‘glazing’. Glazing occurs when the sides and bottom of a hole become smoothed forming a barrier, through which water has difficulty passing. To break up the glaze, use a fork to work the bottom and sides of the completed hole. We also recommend adding Soil Building Compost at no more that 50% to help break up heavy soil. Also, raising the center bottom of the hole slightly higher than the surrounding area. This allows water to disperse, reducing the possibility of water pooling in the planting zone.

General planting instructions

Watering in the morning — ideally before 11:00 AM can help prevent evaporation while also avoiding the growth of fungus, slugs, and snails.


Water long enough to really soak the roots. A light sprinkling evaporates quickly and encourages shallow root systems and weaker plants. Allowing the soil surface of the soil to dry between watering allow necessary oxygen to be absorbed by the roots.


It is important to remember to adjust your watering schedule as temperatures change. We are always available to advise you on what your watering schedule should be!

Effective watering techniques

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